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about us.

Shiloh Properties’ mission and vision is to provide safe, secure and affordable housing.  Our job is to make our houses, your home. For we believe that the best thing you can provide a person is piece of mind. And that piece of mind starts in the harmonious sanctuary of a Shiloh Property.

Why Choose Us?

Imagine if you asked your current landlord to stay at their least favorite property for a month… what do you think they would say? We would gladly live in any one of our properties (and we have). It’s an integrity thing! Because if we would not live there, THEN WHY SHOULD YOU???

Here at Shiloh Properties, we stand by that principle! We prepare our homes with the same quality and care as if we were staying there ourselves. Bottom line!

Each home has been fully renovated or has been newly built, with the idea in mind that we want to deliver the best product to you possible. We ensure our systems are serviced regularly, we inspect our properties for preventive maintenance, and we respond to any maintenance requests as diligently as possible, to maintain a high level of quality for you. This is what transforms our houses into stress-free homes.

It is our sincere intention that wonderful experience you will get while staying in a Shiloh Property will change your overall view point of what renting a property is. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by email at should you have any concerns that need addressing, questions that need answering, or share feedback that you would like to give!

We wish you the best!


We have 3 separate housing models. Most of our properties are located in the Greater Richmond area of Richmond VA. They are listed below:

Single Family

We have stand alone single family houses and duplexes for those looking for more space and desire a house and prefer a yard to tend to. Some of our properties are fully furnished. *please ask about this option

Multi Family

We have apartment buildings for those who are looking for apartment style living.

Shared Living

Our third style of living accommodations is more niche arrangements. If you want to live in a larger style home, but can’t afford that on your own. We match you with roommates who have similar interests as yourself. These houses are fully furnished, including all utilities, as well as cable, internet and 50” televisions. Spacing stays very limited for these, so please if you are interested email us below.